Is metaphysics “next level” science?

No, but science also isn’t next level metaphysics. 

It seems to be the case that metaphysics and science are two separate but equally useful processes, and I’m going to explain a bit more about this. 

My name is Bhex, and I’m a secular writer, artist, student and occultist here in Tennessee talking about secular magick, cognitive science, home living, studio arts and STEM (science, tech, engineering and math).

It was awkward discovering in recent years that I was making a mistake in my definition of metaphysics. I thought it was a transcendental science, but it’s actually a philosophical process.

Metaphysics does sound a lot like science, “meta” means is beyond or outside of, and physics is definitely a science, but metaphysics isn’t a science.

Metaphysics a philosophical inquiry rather than a scientific inquiry. It’s more self-guided and intuitive for its prediction process. There are Christian metaphysics, Pagan metaphysics, there’s even scientistic metaphysics (none of which are sciences).

It’s critical to understand that metaphysics is a philosophical action rather than a supernatural force. When metaphysics is described as a divine science, this is false by methodology, because how would you know if the phenomena is beyond your empirical senses?

When metaphysics is appreciated as philosophy rather than an alternative science, this helps preserve its usefulness in language. It’s good for us to sit and ponder all the possibilities of abstract topics, and it’s unrealistic to put every idea to the scientific test every time. My hope is that you’ll become inspired to remain agnostic in your metaphysics and follow-up with scientific investigation.

Metaphysics relies on intuition, logic and personal reason. Metaphysics can certainly be insightful, but insights will remain narrowed to more intuitive and logical processes rather than pursuing scientific scalability, facts and experimental innovation. 

Science as a modern tool and process is beneficial because it's implementing making  changes in ways metaphysics and philosophy (without science) haven't.

Metaphysics can definitely happen without science. Science can also happen without metaphysics, but you’ll often spot many secular scientists participating in metaphysical philosophy because metaphysics isn’t about religion and divinity even though some metaphysical inquiries inspire religious beliefs and ideas. You can also spot religious metaphysicists likewise benefiting from science.

Earlier in my occult exploration and witchcraft practice, I believed that plants and herbs all have metaphysical properties in addition to medicinal (scientific) or poetic properties. To me, metaphysical was different than science and poetry. Metaphysics, I thought, was a way of describing a supernatural, divine force.

Now that I’ve had more philosophical and scientific training, I realize that the point of metaphysics is to question abstractions. Contrarily, the purpose of science is to design measurability. With metaphysics, there’s a lot you can do with personal logic and reason, but you might find metaphysics isn’t enough to get want you want and need, so you'll likely need science to help you in this era.

Science used to be a philosophy known as natural philosophy, but its processes have become so strategic and articulate that it’s been distinguished as its own field separate from our natural processes of reason, prediction-making and intuition. Think about the medicines, technologies and opportunities that come from modern science. 

If we let the two be uniquely what they are, metaphysics as philosophy and science as science, then neither have to go anywhere. It’s only when metaphysics is described as a supernatural force that it loses its core credibility and utility. 

I hope this chat has been useful for your understanding why science isn’t next level metaphysics, and metaphysics also isn’t next level science. I’m going to link some recommended watches below so you can do more studying on this topic. 

My goal with Spookywood is to encourage rational enchantment. I enjoy approaching life, magick, occultism, philosophy and science as a secularist. The occult to me is an investigation of the unknown or undiscovered. Magick (with a k) is the design of function. Since the world is largely religious, I’d like to participate in the preservation of consciousness by offering something magickal for secularists.

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