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Differences Between Magic, Magick and Occultism (Secular Perspective)

  • MAGIC. Magic is the design of illusions whether they be for entertainment or the natural illusions that occur in nature.
  • MAGICK. Magick is the design of any function or process. It is the relationship between form and function, existence and essence. It has many variations (good, bad, neutral, religious, secular, etc.). Fun thought: all illusion magic is a variation of magick, but not all magick is  magic illusion.
  • OCCULTISM. Occultism is an activity. It is philosophy. Put concretely, occultism is knowledge-seeking curiosity.
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What is Time? Is it Fundamental to Existence?

Time represents motion. It's a way for physicists to calculate how things move and change. An interesting fact about time is that you can walk back and forth in a straight line or any coordinate, but you cannot go back in forth in time.


Helpful Ways to Develop a Sense of Philosophy

Philosophy is a discipline that can help people develop a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. By examining arguments, ideas and experiences, you can develop your personal philosophy and set of values.


Budget-Friendly Design Ideas to Transform Your Rental Home

Renters often face limitations when it comes to decorating living spaces. Here are some options for personalizing your space without making permanent changes or breaking the bank!


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