15 SPUNKY Sex Toys Under $75

15 SPUNKY Sex Toys Under $75

A benefit of secular magick is a shame-free relationship with (18+) pleasures. Check out these affordable and innovative magick toys and brands to enchant your privacy!



The WaterSlyde Aquatic Stimulator ☆ $28

A battery-free toy to make a playful and pleasurable bath all the more exciting.

Photo by Lovability




Doc Johnson

Bust It Ejaculating Realistic Dildo with Vac-U-Lock 7 Inch ☆ $61 (with code MEMORIAL20)

Available in chocolate, caramel and vanilla colors, this loadable PVC shaft is waterproof and paired with a special "Nut Butter" made of water, dimethicone, propylene glycol, dimethiconol, xanthan gum, hydroxyethylcellulose and colloidal silver.

Photo by Doc Johnson




The Kinky Peach

Fish Hook Gag ☆ $23

A unique vegan leather and metal hook gag for submissives.

Photo by The Kinky Peach





Jesus Heart Palette - Custom BDSM Whipping Palette Kawaii Extra Large - Handmade Resin Domination Palette ☆ $43

Beauglyful is making dildos and other aesthetic pleasures on Etsy.

Photo by Beauglyful





Secret Sex Gift

6.4'' Corn Dildo With Suction Cup ☆ $43

Certainly a corny toy to keep in your pleasure treasure box!

Photo by Secret Sex Gift on Etsy






LaBae - Heart Shaped Grinder ☆ $42

A squishy, silicon labia (not meant for penetrative use) to carress!

Photo by Uberrime





Fantasy Mandrake Dildo ☆ $71

This 5-star rated monster plant/animal hybrid dildo comes in 3 sizes and tons of colors! You can request the designer personalize your Mandrake with specialized marbling.

Photo by Sinnovator





Rubbies MAX Silicon Grinder ☆ $55

Another 5-star sex shop with over 30,000 sales. Rubbies are one of this store's fastest-selling (and strappable) items!

Photo by Fantasticocks






Feeling Tube 16" Urethral Sound ☆ $48

Not suited for beginners (start with something shorter), Lustplugs is making sounding equipment for urethral sensations. Made with silicon and stainless steel.

Photo by Lustplugs





Spank and Spoon

BDSM Bodyscratchers ☆ $16

These ring-nails made of zinc and brass for some bedroom spice and slice.

Photo by Spank and Spoon




Agreeable Agony

Wax Play Pitcher ☆ $19

It's recommended that you light this pitcher to let the wax melt before pouring. Then, blow out the flame to avoid residue build up and uneven hot-spots on the glass.

Photo by Agreeable Agony





Candy Bubbles Glass Dildo ☆ $29

Glass-blown specifically for the G-spot. 

Photo by Orlena




Thoughts of You Gifts

Kamasutra Magic 8 Ball ☆ $69

A timeless novelty with a sexy twist.

Photo by Thoughts of You Gifts




Arabesque Erotic Jewel

NO PIERCE Sterling Silver Clit Caresser ☆ $48

Handmade in Canada with Swarovski crystals and available in your birth stone, these pierce-free clit charms are a must!

Photo by Arabesque Erotic Jewel






Rose Buzz 7X Silicone Clit Stimulator and Vibrator ☆ $74

This silicon stimulation flower has multiple variations of speeds and vibration patterns. Enjoy the stem or the suction — your pick!

Photo by Bloomgasm

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