Summer '22 Jukebox Playlist

Summer '22 Jukebox Playlist


Spookywood is playing and producing music. This summer, jam with Bhex and save this summer's boombox playlist. These are not listed in any particular hierarchal order.



1. Cottage Song — Spooky Bhex

Spooky Bhex is learning organic music production in FL Studio as well as singing, sampling and songwriting.




2. The Comfy Synth Archives

This YouTube channel is a compilation of nostalgic synth tunes to simulate distant memories of being at grandma's house.




3. Studio Pressure (Photek) — Fusion

Sometimes regarded as jungle music or techstep, intelligent drum and bass is a jazzy genre that was popular in the mid-90s.




4. Opal Wand (Album) — Black Taffy

Black Taffy is a new age, ambient musician based in Dallas, Texas with surreal harmonies woven in heavy bass.




5. Testing Moneo — Dathon

Have a case of summer suspicion?





6. Bestial Cult — Invocation of the Dark Spirits (2003)

A brutal, horrific subgenre of black metal for the extreme.





7. Flies the Coop (Album) — Hole Dweller

Summer can be as sad as it is sweet. 





8. Ugly Person x MXSTVH — High As Hell

Dark Memphis Phonk with an enchanting visual compiled by Protected by Witchcraft Clothing.





9. Oh No New York — Powell

Powell is a punchy, scratch punk sound engineer from London — all songs are  recommended.




10. Bonnies in the Coupe — Ryan Upchurch

Upchurch is a lifelong Tennesseean, comedian and successful independent

country/rap/rock artist with his record label Holler Boys.




11. WE ENVY NOTHING IN THE WORLD. — $uicideboy$

From their second duo album (2021) Long Term Effects of SUFFERING.





12. In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country (Vinyl) — Boards of Canada 

This downtempo BOC gem was released in 2000. 





13. Copycat — Switchblade Symphony

Thanks for recommending this dark wave band to Spookywood, Conner! 




14. Lacrimosa Collection 

Compiled by Mariana Luna. 





15. Stormy Visions (EP) — The Shadow Dance

A Goth wave trio from the 90s. This EP is moody with Ani Martin's vocals materializing over computer-engineered drum and bass.




16. Chant — The Merry Thoughts

From their 1996 goth rock album Psychocult.




17. Laid Back — Mack D.L.E.

"Motha fucka straight from Tennessee." - Mack D.L.E, 1993





DJ Muggs and RZA are masterpiecers of spooky funk.

(Not available to embed — please click the link to stream):

Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom - Wikipedia





19. Satan Was a Baby Boomer — Brutalismus 3000

 Theo Zeitner and Victoria Daldas are hardcore punk artists working together in this Berlin project and shared in an interview for Swine Daily that they want listeners to know, "Be angry, be vocal, be hardcore where it matters and be soft to your friends. Amore Hardcore always and forever."




20. Demonic Possessions — Pawlowski

Concentrated house drums with ripping electro arp leads.




21. 90s Ambient Jungle Mix

Jungle (AKA drum and bass) is a tech genre inspired by breakbeat that was first popular in the mid-90s.





22. Mirror Might Steal Your Charm (Album) — The Garden

Fletcher and Wyatt Shears are twin brothers with individual music projects in addition to their experimental group together — The Garden. 





23. The Bog — Froglord

Stoner frog metal has arrived. @froglordband 




24. Dub Techno Session #24

Dub is an electronic subgenre of reggae.





25. In the Land of High Fantasy — Ancient Boreal and The Cold Domain

A split mix from The Dungeon Synth Archives.




26. Shroud of Many Colours (2002) — Jim Kirkwood

This is Berlin-School dark electronic ambience.




27. Mista Funked'Out | Summamix [Full Tape]

Super mellow funk mix.

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