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Thanks for visiting my website.

Spookywood is an occult blog and charm shop dedicated to secular magick.

The cyber hub started as a metaphysical blog in 2018. Spookywood has fully embraced secularism after I left a long history with western Christianity and Paganism.

A portion of the blog is focused on religious recovery and non-religious tools to make sense of magick and meaning.


I enjoy combining academia and aesthetics for an interactive approach to occultism. Spookywood's content centers on secular magick, music, science and style.

Splook media is structured for readers to explore topics by design and function, or as I like to call it — MAGICK.


The Cottage is a candlehouse and charm shop to support Spookywood's maintenance. Cottage gifts are handcrafted, and I also sing, produce music and film media. 

Thank you for participating in Spookywood's vision to bridge the gap between science and spirituality and preserve consciousness!



Image Description: CrAIyon Illustration based on Spookywood Prompt