Bhex here!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Spookywood is a secular occult website and small charm shop dedicated to a participation in the preservation of consciousness.

The cyber hub started in 2018 as a metaphysics blog. Spookywood remains dedicated to the exploration of life, philosophy, magick, art and science. Since 2018, Spookywood has transitioned to secularism after I departed a long journey with western Christianity (Baptist faith) and Appalachian Paganism.

Spookywood is a non-religious magick blog and business with an emphasis on scientific, occult living. The occult pertains to what's unknown, and neither magick nor the occult are exclusive to religions. My topics of focus are secular magick, cognitive science, STEM (science, technology, math and engineering) as well as studio arts.

I enjoy dissecting topics for their design and function, what I consider to be magick, and sharing my writing as the Splook blog through Spookywood. 

In addition to writing for Spookywood, I'm working full-time with a startup company as well as studying computer science. This is my second bachelor's degree (the first was earned in clinical psychology), and I'm excited about learning the fundamentals of computers and computation and connecting my work with Spookywood with STEM.

The Cottage is Spookywood's candlehouse and charm shop. This is where I create a limited stock of handcrafted gifts and collectibles. I enjoy stepping away from my gadgets occasionally to mix fragrances, pour wax, and design a few crafty things to bring joy to someone associated with Spookywood.

Beyond work, academic study and Spookywood projects, I love cooking and dining, stretching, making electronic music, songwriting, taking baths, meditating, smoking, shopping online, browsing thrift stores or digital art and Pinterest posts, painting, playing with my cat Pumpkin, sitting on the porch, enjoying nature and soaking up the simple pleasures of being human and a part of magick.

I also enjoy adult entertainment and boudoir modeling! I share my media on OnlyFans, and I thoroughly appreciate the additional income and glamour opportunities that come from that side gig. If you'd like to see me in showgirl action, feel free to become a member! You must be 18 years or older to join. Find me on OnlyFans (@bhexboudoir). 

I hope something at Spookywood motivates you to see the magick in being and your chance to make an impression! These are our lives and spaces to make use of. Thanks for participating in the preservation of consciousness!