Welcome to Spookywood!

Spookywood is a secular occult blog and charm shop participating in the preservation of consciousness.

The network was founded in 2018 by Bhex — a writer, artist, student and occultist in Tennessee. Bhex is an alumni of East Tennessee State University with a B.Sc. in clinical psychology and is currently obtaining a B.Sc. in computer science. She's employed with a rapidly-growing startup company assisting them full-time with customer support. 

Bhex was raised in the Independent Freewill Baptist church and became interested in Paganism, Left Hand Path occultism and witchcraft in high school. Later in 2021, she realized she had lost faith in theistic, creationist ideas of god and the necessity of religious faith or worship in life.

Instead, she became fascinated with rationalism and what Albert Camus refers to as "agnostic enchantment" in absurdism. She discovered secular interpretations about magick and occultism and realized a scientific way of living spiritually.

Spookywood has become an archive and community for anyone interested in exploring secular occultism, STEM, studio arts and home living alongside Bhex. Spookywood's blog "The Splook" features interactive articles on the intersections between science, magick, liberty and design in mundane life and the occult beyond. Please consider supporting Spookywood also by purchasing a charm from the gift shop! Bhex loves stepping away from work and gadgets periodically to mix hemp wax candles and make other crafty, homemade treasures. Thanks for supporting and being part of Spookywood's network!